Back to life…..on the sports front!

A while since the last update. Since then the Irish Team just won the Grand Slam and caused numerous near heart attacks across the nation in that momentous final game against Wales. The soccer team won with 2 draws (yes that is sarcasm!). Yours truly got over to London to see my beloved Arsenal :) All in all the sporting front is good.

Arsenal Crest

Getting all arty on us…..

Well tomorrow I am actually getting my first photograph exhibited in an exhibition at the Dublin Camera Club and I am delighted. It’s going to be interesting to have one of my pictures hanging on a wall other than my own.

I took photography up properly 3 years ago as an artistic outlet and hobby and it has given me a focus I never had before. It has also helped me view the world through new eyes and perspectives. Its something that I am still learning and I enjoy going out and trying to capture what I see. Sometimes it works and other times I fail but I enjoy the trying part.

Alternative Edit of The Stiletto in the Ghetto

Hindsight is a bitch!

You know hindsight is great. I mean if we only listened to the guy with this placard maybe we could have headed things off at the pass so to speak!

Protester on O'Connell Street Dublin,

I took this shot of a protestor on O’Connell Street back in May 2007. Looks like the freemasons got us after all then !!