Irish Fudge

…..and we’re not talking about a chocolate bar here either!

After all the talk about having to make tough decisions and that there will be painful times ahead for the Public Service what does the Government have to offer after days of intensive talks with the Unions on saving the country 1.3 billion Euro on the public wages bill?

Unpaid leave? The Government have bottled it, at a time when decisive tough leadership is needed they have delivered the leadership equivalent of a limp handshake.

As per their normal modus operandi FF are putting their interests ahead that of the country again by using a sticking plaster on a wound that needs major surgery. They are leaving the issue of a bloated Public Sector wage bill to the next government showing again a total lack of leadership or commitment to the future of Ireland. Couple that with the fact that enforced unpaid leave like this will diminish front line services even more, then the ordinary taxpayer is going to reap the pain of this short sighted and weak decision as usual.

With regard to the entry level Public Service workers how do they feel now that they are taking the same cuts as their bloated middle and upper management colleagues who they are subsiding. Sounds like the unions have gotten them a “fair deal” alright.

Cowen is going to go down as the most ineffectual and useless FF Taoiseach that we have ever had backed up by an ever more anonymous Cabinet. Given his competition that is an extremely low accolade indeed.

FF the party of bottlers, gougers, spoofers and in some cases criminals.


Well tonight Ireland were cheated in Paris. A player who I had counted as a gentlemen has forever tainted his reputation by one moment of gamesmanship. If World Cup qualification was decided by the game in Dublin last Sunday no one would have had an issue with France going to South Africa. However Ireland tonight in Paris made the French look second best. We beat them in 90 minutes and they robbed us in extra time.

But Henry is not to blame. The referee is not to blame. The authorities, FIFA are to blame. They have allowed cynicism and gamesmanship to be the currency of modern football, instead of honesty and sportsmanship. Not stamping down with conviction on players diving, feigning injury and changing rules like seeding the play offs in Europe for the World Cup when it looked like some of the big money teams were in danger of going out of the World Cup.

Football is marketed as a means to allow young people to develop into adults. What I have seen tonight is a lesson to young players than honesty doesn’t pay and cheating is the way to get on in life.

Down the toilet

Toilet economy

Well this government of fudgers have screwed up again. The emergency budget where major surgery was required to resuscitate and revive the economy turned out to be a band aid with quite a bit of stinging iodine taxes to be applied to the general middle class PAYE worker. And the worse thing is they are using the cash to rescue the banks and ensure their “friends” in the construction industry get away with their reckless behaviour.

My opinion is that this government has to tackle the running costs associated with institutions within the public service before it looks at raising taxes. They have to ensure the Irish taxpayer is getting value for money. It is blatantly clear and has been for years that the way the public service is set up is no longer relevant to the society that it is supposed to serve today. It’s work practices are totally outdated. The day of a job for life is long gone in the private sector and it should now be laid to rest for the public sector and related semi state organisations as well.

These changes need to extend to our houses of representatives as well. Dail Eireann is overpopulated and the number of TD’s has to be reduced to around 100. The amount that they get paid should also be amended downwards and the Taoiseach and Ministers should have a reduction of at least 40% of their current remuneration amounts. The holidays they take should reflect holidays that people receive as standard in the normal working community and they should only work on national issues and not on opening the local GAA teams new pitch or any other local issues that in my opinion are the responsibilities of councillors. The Seanad needs to be abolished. It serves no real purpose in modern Ireland bar being somewhere where favourites of the political elite who failed to get elected properly are sent out to graze. It is a forum of verbal masturbation for the politically failed or outdated.

I really hope the economy does not get depressed more with the current batch of Finance Minsiter Brian Lenihans botches and I hope we do not face more of the same when the next instalment of this horror story enfold at a Dail near you soon (how soon depends on how quickly the bottom falls out of the country). Maybe the Government prop otherwise known as the Green Party will pull the plug if they get a severe beating in the Local and European elections and the opposition will have to clean up a FF mess again. What is happening now is a Chinese curse becoming a reality. May you live in interesting times!