Butchery in Bolivia – Update

Well still no credible information from the Bolivian authorities.

Mr Dwyer was shot 6 times and some apparently were in the back of the head. The 4th floor of the Hotel according to the manager only shows bullet hole damage in the rooms the men were murdered in and no bullet hole damage in the direction of the assaulting forces. There were no weapons present. There were no deaths or injuries to the assaulting forces (bar maybe sore trigger fingers) which is strange as there was an “intense 30 minute gunfight” according to the authorities.

Yes Mr Dwyer had some interesting and more than likely undesirable company and there are serious questions to be answered as to what their purpose was in Bolivia. However if the regime of Mr Morales want to appear to be better than the plague of right wing junta’s that have afflicted that part of this world in the past I suggest they stop emulating them by using death squads.

My feeling is this deadly Machiavellian sideshow was coordinated to make Morales look like a strong man when he shook Barack Obama’s hand at the Summit of the America’s. It is a hand that is now drenched in Irish Blood.

This was a state sponsored execution.

Butchery in Bolivia

Last Thursday morning a young Irish man from North Tipperary Michael Dwyer was murdered in Santa Cruz. Far from the initial lies that emanated from the authorities about an intense 30 minute gun battle were the so-called Mercenaries were shot down it now appears that the men killed were shot execution style in and around their beds after been woken up by a stun grenade. The claim was that the men butchered were plotting to assassinate the Bolivian President, Evo Morales among others. Now I don’t know about you but I would severely doubt a real mercenary would have a bebo and facebook page.

On a local news video that I have watched Michael Dwyer is identifiable where he fell. On it you can clearly see two gunshots to the chest closely massed together and according to one military commentator in an article in the Irish Newspaper the Sunday Tribune Mr Dwyer was shot at close range. That coupled with the fact there are no other wounds that can be seen on Mr Dwyer it does not tally with the argument by the Bolivian Police spokesman that an “intense 30 minute gunfight occurred”. On the same video one of the other victims’ bodies has his hands tied which would suggest that he was captured and then shot. An insurance report for the hotel where this crime occurred confirmed that the men murdered did not fire at the assaulting police. The only damage occurred where shots were fired at the victims.

There are questions about why Mr Dwyer was in Bolivia, why he kept the company he did but one thing is very clear he should have been taken alive as he was unarmed. The arms cache that the Police produced as belonging to the “plotters” was not in the same location as initially stated and apparently it would have been right at home on the fields of the Somme during the Great War. What is disgusting is the way some of the press here especially the gutter press has sensationalised the story picking on Mr Dwyer, his hobbies, the details of his social networking sites rather than asking the real questions which is Why was this Irish man murdered in Bolivia by the authorities?

We will see what the Department of Foreign Affairs is made of now, will they ask the difficult questions of the Bolivian Authorities? If they do not get a satisfactory explanation from the authorities or if there is no justice for Michael Dwyer will they ask the EU and then the UN to issue sanctions against Bolivia until justice is served?

My thoughts are with Mr Dwyers family and friends who have lost someone who is very dear to them.