Time for Fine Gael to grow a pair

After George Lees “toys out of the pram” walk away episode from the Dail yesterday Enda Kennys leadership of the Fine Gael party has to be called into serious question.

The Two Brians of Fianna Fail probably cannot believe their luck, its like all their Christmas’s have come at once. I can just imagine the party atmosphere that must exist at “Developer Friends Towers” in Mount Street after yesterdays spectacle.

But there is an opportunity from this. It is obvious Fine Gael have been held back from surging ahead in the polls because of their current leader. With this ill-judgement and mismanagement from Enda Kenny an opportunity exists for the brave to grasp the nettle and remove him as leader and allow the floating voters of this country stand behind Fine Gael and give the current government the almighty kicking that they deserve at the next election.

The next few days will tell us if Fine Gael are prepared to enter new territory or if its going to be more of the same.

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