Well tonight Ireland were cheated in Paris. A player who I had counted as a gentlemen has forever tainted his reputation by one moment of gamesmanship. If World Cup qualification was decided by the game in Dublin last Sunday no one would have had an issue with France going to South Africa. However Ireland tonight in Paris made the French look second best. We beat them in 90 minutes and they robbed us in extra time.

But Henry is not to blame. The referee is not to blame. The authorities, FIFA are to blame. They have allowed cynicism and gamesmanship to be the currency of modern football, instead of honesty and sportsmanship. Not stamping down with conviction on players diving, feigning injury and changing rules like seeding the play offs in Europe for the World Cup when it looked like some of the big money teams were in danger of going out of the World Cup.

Football is marketed as a means to allow young people to develop into adults. What I have seen tonight is a lesson to young players than honesty doesn’t pay and cheating is the way to get on in life.

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