Followup to Disgusting

I have to say the reaction of the general French population to the incident in Stade de France last Wednesday night is heartening. They are embarrassed and ashamed of the actions of their team captain. They realise like we all do that this clean shaven hero is providing an example to the younger generations that look up to him that is wrong and totally against the whole concept of good sport.

There are those like the French team coach Raymond Domenech who sees nothing wrong with this and asks that we accept it as part of the game. Then again when you realise that he will be receiving around €862,000 because of qualification you can see his real motives. As this is a fraction of the numbers that the French Football Federation and FIFA will make from a much larger country than Ireland making it through to the world cup you can see where the priorities are.

One thing I disagree with and I believe its from a vocal minority in Ireland is the knee jerk reaction calling for boycotts of French products. I find this childish and immature in the extreme. Then again the people calling for the boycott probably don’t know the difference between Easy Singles and Roquefort. I love France, French Food and Wine and I am not going to stop or make any apologies for doing so.

The world football authorities need to ensure there isn’t a repeat of incidents like last Wednesday’s now otherwise they will cheapen the competition that’s the pinnacle of the sport further and instead of drawing people towards Soccer they will repel more and more from it.

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