Post Paddys Day Hangover…..

St Patricks Day 2009

Well Paddys day has been here and is gone. All that is left are the empties that the underage drinkers left having drunk themselves into a stupor. Biffo has got his free trip to America where yet another president swears he’s going to visit the land of his forefathers.

Student Life #2

The criminals up in Northern Ireland are at it again with an even smaller number of supporters shooting collateral damage like pizza delivery boys and unarmed soldiers. What a bunch of heroes!

Things are so bad it takes a German member of parliament to point out the farce that is the wages our so called public representatives get. What is even worse is the amount of time they actually spend in the Dail for the money they get. Time to lead from the front TD’s, take a cut that represents the pain the rest of the country is feeling. How can you expect the Public Service workers to take the levy when you are overpaid for the limited amount of work you do.