Boxed wine – Bacchus for the masses or swill for the asses?

As we cruise into the season of overindulgence and gorging a little debate has sprung up within my sphere of friends.

Is boxed wine really wine or just an alcoholic cheap grape juice? Now the wife and I just have to have our vino in bottles with real corks but others just want the easily stack-ability of the boxed product.

So what do you think? Do you want a good bottle of Old World wine wizardry or does the outback spirit of a boxful of joy jerk your chain.

Oh and on the subject of our upside down friends. Australian wine is like listening to a Bluegrass AC/DC cover band. You recognise the songs but they just don’t sound right!

So come on let’s ditch the politics and ferment an answer to the important questions for us all. Is boxed wine really wine? Would Bacchus approve of his wine out of a container for the commoners?

Living in a Union Wonderland

Jack O'Cs fantasy world

One has to wonder what amazing planet all these union people hail from. It must be a wonderful place of plenty where nothing has a limit or has to be accounted for. Unfortunately Ireland is not this planet and while the public sector has taken a modicum of pain the private sector has felt the full chill of the North wind of recession.

I really wonder do the followers of these bearded prophets in the quiet moments when they are by themselves or lying in their beds not realise that the path they are being marched down will be one of disaster. If they maintain their wages at the current levels people will lose their jobs. I personally would feel that it is better to take a pay cut and ensure your fellow worker is still in a job next year.

Unfortunately logic and common sense doesn’t exist in a Union Wonderland. This year the bearded man is not Santa and he will not bear gifts.