If we tolerate this then our children will be next.

Today we have the ugly sight of public service workers downing tools and going on strike. Approximately 16000 patients have had their procedures cancelled today. Many of them are public patients and have waited a long time for these procedures, is it right to prolong their misery? Some parents have had to take a days leave from work to mind children who should have attended school, yet more work days lost to the economy.

If a company is spending more than its making it has to make changes to stay in business. Costs are cutback, Overtime is curtailed, wages and hours are cut and then finally people lose their jobs. This has been the pattern in the economy over the last year. The final part has happened to 170,000 people this year with over 400,000 people now unemployed. If behaviour like todays contemptible action is replicated a lot more taxpayers will be converted into the unemployed. Is it so hard for people in the public service to realise that they either have to take pay cuts or their numbers will have to be trimmed. If things don’t improve both may happen anyway.

The Government is the largest employer in the state, at the moment based on current figures it is borrowing around 20 billion to pay its costs. This money will have to be paid back. The Unions solution is to borrow our way out of this by softening the measures needed to remedy the situation by an extra few years. This is complete and utter madness, not only are they saddling our generation with crippling debt they are asking the next generation to pay for all our mistakes as well.

God preserve us from the Union Leaders and their Fantasy Economic flights of fancy.

Living in a Union Wonderland

Jack O'Cs fantasy world

One has to wonder what amazing planet all these union people hail from. It must be a wonderful place of plenty where nothing has a limit or has to be accounted for. Unfortunately Ireland is not this planet and while the public sector has taken a modicum of pain the private sector has felt the full chill of the North wind of recession.

I really wonder do the followers of these bearded prophets in the quiet moments when they are by themselves or lying in their beds not realise that the path they are being marched down will be one of disaster. If they maintain their wages at the current levels people will lose their jobs. I personally would feel that it is better to take a pay cut and ensure your fellow worker is still in a job next year.

Unfortunately logic and common sense doesn’t exist in a Union Wonderland. This year the bearded man is not Santa and he will not bear gifts.